Having a gastric bypass has been shown to increase confidence in many who undergo the procedure. Not only is it great for mental health but also for physical health. Some doctors recommend that patients consider this procedure when they are having a hard time losing weight in other ways. The gastric bypass cost can differ depending on the person, the procedure, the place it is done, and many other factors. This is why it is important to do the research to get more information about the procedure and what to expect both physically and financially. Once you have an idea of both, you may consider the procedure for yourself, as long as the gastric bypass cost will not be too much.

Obesity can cause a long list of health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, stroke, and so on. By having a surgery done, the person is reducing their risks of these issues. They are helping themselves get back into better shape and have a healthy future. It is estimated that many residents in the United States are obese and many of these individuals do not reach out for help to reduce their weight. Those that do find that not only are they healthier, but they are happier overall with the outcome after having the surgery and healing.

What Is a Gastric Bypass?

Gastric bypass surgery is a very popular choice for those that want to lose weight in a quicker way. This surgery is one that divides the stomach into two portions. There is an upper portion which is smaller, and it is what holds the food, then a lower portion which is then cut off from the top. The intestine is then fit to both portions of the stomach. Not only does this help the person eat less, but it helps them feel full quicker and with less food. Ultimately, this helps to cut back on the amount of food that would otherwise contribute to their excessive weight. This is one of many weight loss surgeries that a person can have depending on their unique situation and the recommendations of their surgeon and physician.

The Success of Gastric Bypass

Many want to make sure that if they undergo and pay the gastric bypass cost, they will have successful results. The long-term success of this surgery is exceptional. Not only do patients continue to keep their weight off, but they continue to eat smaller, more manageable portions to continue keeping their weight down. About half of all patients that undergo this surgery will regain some of their weight back, only around 5 percent of what they lost, within the first two years. However, they are still lower than their original body weight going back to when they had the surgery done.

How Much Does Gastric Bypass Cost?

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On average, the gastric bypass cost can range somewhere between $20,000 and $25,000. It is one of the more expensive options that are found in the weight loss surgery realm. This surgery is more expensive, and insurance companies will not always cover the costs associated with having it done. Each insurance company and individual is different. This is something that the individual would have to speak with their medical provider and insurance provider to find out to determine what they can get regarding coverage for the gastric bypass cost. 

Will My Insurance Cover It?

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Sometimes insurance companies will cover the gastric bypass cost. This depends on the specific individual and their company. It also depends on the reason for the procedure. There are specific stipulations that are in place for many insurance companies that state if they will cover weight loss surgeries. With the change in the world and the rise of obesity, many major insurance companies will provide coverage towards weight loss surgeries, should they be required or recommended by the doctor. However, for those that cannot have insurance coverage for this procedure, there are always other options to consider that will help offset the gastric bypass cost.

If you are covered, then that is great. You've looked through your handbook and found your specific details regarding weight loss surgery options and coverages, or you've called the insurance company to find out. Now, find a surgeon and talk about having a plan of action. It has been shown that from the start of the procedure to the end, patients will wait 3 years to actually have the surgery performed. This is the time where they learn more about what to expect and if it is the right choice for them to go with.

What Can I Do if Insurance Doesn't Cover the Gastric Bypass Cost?

If your insurance does not cover the gastric bypass cost, don't worry. There are other options out there for those that are worrying about the gastric bypass cost and what they will do to have the surgery. Your health is important, which means this procedure might just save it. Consider that these other options are there to help offset the costs of gastric bypass or other weight loss surgeries.

Medical Loans

Consider a medical loan that can help offset or cover the costs associated with the gastric bypass surgery. These loans are not too hard to get, especially if it is for a procedure that can better your health and is not just for cosmetic reasons. Some medical institutions work with financial institutions that can help get you started and pay the costs of the surgery right to the provider, so you don't have to!

Consider a Job with Awesome Benefits

If you have a job that has benefits, but the benefits do not include covering the gastric bypass cost, then consider switching jobs or trying to move up in positions to get better benefits that will cover the costs. This might not always be an option, but it is one worth looking into if you have the ability to move up or onto something different.

Do You Qualify for Medicaid?

Medicaid in almost all states covers the costs associated with gastric bypass surgery. They work with medical providers to offer this service to those patients that really need to have it done for their overall well-being and health. Those that qualify for Medicaid programs should speak with them further about the weight loss surgery you'd like to have done.

Health Savings Account

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HSA's are a great way to spend some of that extra cash. You want to find out whether the physician you see accepts these accounts and if they do, they can help offset the costs associated with this medical procedure. It can not only benefit your weight but also the ability to write off some of these expenses on your taxes.


CareCredit is an awesome way to get the coverage you need for cashing out on the many benefits that come with the card. You may not finance the entire gastric bypass cost with the use of this card, but you can cover most of it if you have good credit and a reliable means of income. They will provide the card that is meant for medical expenses. What's better is, that when you use it for specific purchases that quality, you can get a specific amount of time to not pay interest on the card.

Hospital Payment Plan

Some hospitals offer payment plans that allow you to pay the money you want to pay into the account. They will cover the cost of the surgery and then you pay them back.  They have a specific approval process, much like you would with a loan. Certain hospitals offer this plan while others may not. It is important to speak with the specific hospital your physician is associated with to find out if they do.

Personal Loan

Personal loans come with higher interest rates, but they can also come with the entire amount needed to pay for the gastric bypass cost. The personal loan is harder to get, but once you get it, it can be used towards the cost of weight loss surgery getting you the procedure you need. It can also be paid back according to the stipulations you agreed on with the bank.


It is important that the person suffering from obesity look into every available option to them. Obesity is a killer in the country and when you work towards reducing your weight, you're increasing your health. By doing this, you are allowing yourself to have a better life overall. Reduce the amount of weight you walk around with on a daily basis and take back your life. Everyone wants to live healthier and happier, and you should not let the gastric bypass cost get in your way of having both. You should have a healthier lifestyle and a healthier life, but you may need a little help to get there. Speaking with a gastric bypass surgeon regarding your options is the first step. You should find out how you can pay for it and what your best course of action should be. 

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