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Bariatric surgery has helped thousands of people to reduce their weight and lessen their risk of developing serious weight-related conditions. At we have all the information about surgery and other weight loss programs, so you can make an informed decision about your health.

The site covers the issues associated with bariatric surgery and the benefits and requirements. We discuss insurance coverage and requirements, complications that may occur, and how you can expect your life to be after surgery. – Our Story

At, our team knows how hard it is to lose weight and how devastating the cycle of yo-yo dieting can be. Bariatric surgery has proven to be more successful than other weight loss programs, and we want you to succeed.

All your questions about weight loss surgery are answered at including the different types of bariatric surgery. These are lap bands, gastric sleeves, gastric bypasses, and duodenal switches. Visit our Types of Surgery page to learn more about each of these procedures.

As we want you to be fully informed, we’ve dedicated a page to Bariatric Surgery Risks, where we discuss blood clots and surgery complications.

The Complications of Bariatric Surgery section discusses these complications in more detail. We cover topics such as vomiting, dumping syndrome, stomach pain, stretched pouch, gallbladder issues, and malnutrition. – Our Promise to You

We recommend that the first page you visit at be Reasons for Weight Loss Surgery. You’ll learn more about obesity and what your options are if you find yourself unable to maintain a healthy weight.

We don’t stop there though. The page titled Comorbidities for Being Overweight discuss some of the problems that can arise from obesity including type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and heart conditions.

As with any surgery, preparation is very important. Our Bariatric Surgery Requirements page tells you what you need to know about your BMI and maintaining a pre-surgery diet. We also give you information about nutrition classes, the endoscopy, the psychological assessment, and the sleep study.

Life After Bariatric Surgery

After your recovery, your lifestyle may be vastly different from now and we want to prepare you for that. In this section of, we discuss how to manage situations such as eating out and maintaining your weight loss.

We suggest some vitamins and supplements that you might find helpful and we give you some delicious recipes to try. We have suggestions regarding exercise, water intake, protein, and strengthening your support system.

Our experts at have researched all the latest information about this doctor-approved treatment. We know that whichever type of bariatric surgery you decide to have, you will be thrilled with your results.

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